Hackers Don’t Rest

Neither Do We.

Cyber crime wil lead to cost trillions of dollars in damage by 2021. Secure your business today by contacting us for your free security assessment.

Become the Attacker

In order to stop the hacker, you must think like the hacker. Our team of expert penetration testers will find vulnerabilities in your system before hackers do.

Free Assessment

We will provide you with a comprehensive risk assessment by auditing your infrastructure, services, and software absolutely free of charge!

Web Auditing

Our team can help you secure your web application using a combination of automated, manual, and custom vulnerability scanning techniques.

Server Auditing

We conduct server infrastructure security auditing to insure your applications are not vulnerable to exploits.

Mobile Auditing

Secure your iOS and Android applications with our comprehensive and detailed mobile security audit.

Physical Audit

The StackCanary security team offer on-site penetration testing services to our local clients!

Located in the Tri-State Area?

We offer physical, on-site, penetration testing services to our tri-state clients. If not, we are in the process of expanding, so make sure to stay tuned!

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Interested in Security Research?

We are in the process of launching our research blog, so stay tuned!